South Coast Fire Protection District

Protecting Our Community, Preserving Our Heritage

Our Purpose

For more than six decades, South Coast FPD has been dedicated to serving the community of Gualala, California. As a volunteer fire department, we are committed to offering comprehensive fire, medical, and rescue services in the beautiful coastal region of Mendocino County.

Safeguarding Coastline Communities and Providing Statewide Support

South Coast Fire covers an extensive ten-mile stretch of rugged coastline in its response area. Our fire department proudly maintains mutual aid and auto aid agreements with neighboring departments, allowing us to provide seamless support when needed. Additionally, we are always ready to respond to strike team requests across the State of California, reinforcing our commitment to public safety beyond our immediate region.

Strategic Fire Station Placement

South Coast Fire strategically positions four fire stations within the district to ensure efficient coverage.

South Coast Fire Protection District

Protecting Our Community, Preserving Our Heritage

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